We provide professional development opportunities for clinicians, community support workers and lived experience practitioners in mental health areas of expertise. 


Time pressure, ease of access and affordability are all factors that play a role when engaging in professional development activities.  Having the confidence to implement newly acquired skills or integrate theoretical perspectives often depend on continued access to support and opportunities to interact with others who share the same interests and / or skill sets.  

Through cumulative clinical expertise and strong collaborations, Minerva is in a position to support good mental health practice. Whether your interest is a one off consultation to help with a particular client, to attend a workshop, or ongoing support to implement what you have learnt, one of our professional development opportunities may appeal to you. 

supervision / mentoring 

Access clinical supervision  or have access to a mentor that will support your mental health practice and nurture your professional growth. 


Sessions can be scheduled as regular appointments or ad hoc according to your needs, and can be delivered face to face, online or by phone.

Register to attend pre-scheduled workshops on sensory and attachment approaches, the Vona du Toit Model of Creative Ability, or mental health peer support workforce solutions



We can provide a quotation on tailor made learning opportunities to suit your requirements. 

learning implementation

Become part of a community of practice through access to our free member forums, where people with similar interests can communicate their thoughts, or have questions answered.


Network with other mental health practitioners and gain access to online resources to enhance implementation of new learning through affordable and easy  to manage subscription (coming soon) 

Become a member now 

workshops and seminars

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