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Minerva uses trauma informed, healing centred approaches to recovery and mental health services. 

Understanding how early life experiences shape the development of attachment patterns and sensory processing may be helpful in clinical application as well as personally.

These approaches are increasingly used in combination with new evidence as a result of its relevance to affect regulation and trauma informed care.


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The Mollii suit enables non-invasive, electrical stimulation through multiple electrodes incorporated in a whole-body suit.

It consists of a pair of trousers, a jacket and detachable control unit.  The control unit contains software that is transferred from a computer to select the level of electrical stimulation that should be applied. Even at the highest setting in the program, the electrical current is still at sub-motor threshold. This implies that there is enough current to produce a stimulus in the sensory area of the person’s brain, but not enough for the muscle to contract involuntarily. This allows the person to develop control over their movement patterns over time.


The firm pressure on the skin produced by the fit of the Mollii suit creates an environment where extraneous sensory information can be filtered out more effectively; allowing the person to pay attention to the stimulus that they want to focus on. This, in turn, produces relaxing effects and a sense of emotional well-being.

The term "Lived experience" worker in mental health refers to the range of people with a personal experience of mental illness who are contributing to the design and delivery of mental health services.

As a newly emerging discipline in the field, there are many shared experiences of challenge and success. 

Minerva Allied Health Services have extensive experience in developing, implementing and sustaining a lived experience workforce. We provide opportunities for service providers as well as practitioners to share and grow together. 

This occupational therapy model originated in South Africa and is underpinned in existentialism, phenomenology, motivational and developmental theory.

It describes the development of volition (or motivation) through the lifespan, and holds that motivation is manifested in action.

The model provides a framework for in-depth understanding of how behaviour is sustained, and provides guidance to support the development of someone's capacity to have an impact on their world and their sense of who they are within it.

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the mollii suit

The Lived experience workforce in mental health 

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