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A mental health Occupational Therapist can help to understand barriers in doing things and identify ways to find better mental health. This could be through re-engaging in things that we used to enjoy, or through identifying different things that may help us feel stronger in ourselves

As humans, we create a sense of ourselves through the things that occupy our mind and our time. When developmental delay, trauma, illness or disability interrupt our ability to do the things, Occupational Therapists support the process of re-building functional and meaningful lives.

At Minerva Allied Health Services we provide services to all ages, in a space where you feel most comfortable whether that be in your home, our office or in the community


Some of the services we offer are:


- Comprehensive functional assessments which are useful when planning for sustainable support moving forward.

- Therapeutic support, out clinicians are experienced in mental health and committed to delivering high quality services. These appointments can be individual, in groups, home based or in clinic

- Behaviour support - Understanding complex individual needs and the conditions that sustain behaviour requires detailed assessment and skilled management in the least restrictive way. Minerva Allied Health Services offer comprehensive assessments and individualised care plans, with follow up and support with plan implementation.

- Specialist support coordination - Knowing where to turn and how to access support can be a challenge. Accessing support    coordination means that everyone involved in one person's care can be on the same page, working towards common goals.

Minerva Allied Health Services  specialises in offering support coordination for persons with complex mental health needs.

Minerva Allied Health Services is proud to be a registered NDIS provider and registered to provide Medicare services under GP care plans or Better Access to Mental Health and DVA.

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