Ella Cross

Occupational Therapist
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Ella grew up in northern Western Australia and completed her Occupational Therapy degree in 2022 at Deakin University in Geelong, VIC. Her interest in mental health was sparked after receiving her major placements at university within acute mental health settings. She also completed a project placement that was focused on implementing co-design into mental health services. During her studies, she worked as a peer mentor with NDIS participants of all ages experiencing a psychosocial disability.

Ella uses a wholistic approach in her practice so that clients can achieve goals that are meaningful to them. She loves seeing people grow and succeed during a difficult period in their life and is grateful to be apart of their journey.

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The true meaning of Minerva
noun | Mi·​ner·​va

Minerva was the virgin goddess of music, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, and the crafts. She is often depicted with her sacred creature, an owl usually named as the “owl of Minerva” ,which symbolised her association with wisdom and knowledge.

Our name and logo represent a commitment to knowledge, innovation and resourcefulness in the field of mental health. We recognise the complexity of being human, and respect that deep thought, authenticity and wisdom are required when connecting with anyone that seeks to improve and maintain their mental health.

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